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The International MOMS Club® (MOMS Offering Moms Support) was started in 1983 by Mary B. James, who was looking for other at-home children for her own children to play with. When she discovered that there was no existing organization that specifically met the needs of the at-home mom and her children, she decided to start a new organization. It was then that the MOMS Club was born. Word quickly spread about this wonderful group. We now have 2,000+ chapters in the US  alone and over 100,000 members. We also have International chapters starting too! We are the first, largest, and fastest growing support group geared specifically towards ALL at-home mothers!

Testimonials from our MOMS

"I moved here, I had no connection with anyone in the community.  The 1st week I joined the group, I felt right at home.  This group had provided friendships for both myself and my children.  Also, after giving birth to my 3rd child, The meals provided and extra help with my 2 older ones was greatly appreciated.  I am blessed to be surround by so many wonderful women." 

     - Danielle

"Moms club has been a HUGE help to both myself and my son when it comes to meeting some amazing new friends!! It has also been great, since we were new to the area, when it comes to getting out of the house and exploring with the kiddos!"

     - Jessica

"My closest family is 8 hours away, and I didn't know a lot of stay at home moms. I wanted a place to socialize my toddler, but what I found was a support system and great friendships in a judgement free zone. It is wonderful to have events for my kids to attend weekly.​"

     - Stacy

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